Full Stack Developer

Even if you held off from doing it despite having been coding for 5 or more years
or even if you’re brand new & never coded.



It’s EASY with

The Full Stack Lab is a 15 week online social boot camp that guides you into a new lifestyle of software engineering that leads to:

  • Building a BRAND
  • An online following
  • Strong skills and credibility
  • A public GitHub portfolio
  • A private community of developers that you’ll grow with



Python course available!

Our syllabus will be updated to reflect python soon but it is available!

Currently here’s the SYLLABUS

& what you get in skills & projects for your portfolio

WEEK I - Introduction

Week I

  • Full Stack Lab Orientation & Goals
  • Branding
  • Blogging
  • Teaching to learn strategy
  • Git/Github & Student Portfolio Preparation
WEEKS II & III - Web Fundamentals I

  • JavaScript
  • Advanced Javascript
  • CSS3
  • JQuery
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • Immersive
  • Project: Build site w/ client-side web technologies
  • Portfolio project 1:  Build custom site with HTML5/JS/CSS3
  • Portfolio project 2: Author blog on related topic
  • Portfolio project 3: Create Tutorial on related topic
WEEKS IV & V - Web Fundamentals II

  • Object Oriented Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • Less/Sass
  • Wire Framing / Balsamiq
  • SQL
  • Front End Developer Tools
  • Project: Build site w/ bootstrap
  • Portfolio project 1: Create custom bootstrap website
  • Portfolio project 2: Author blog on related topic
  • Portfolio project 3: Create Tutorial on related topic

  • .Net Architecture
  • C#
  • Model View Controller
  • Entity Framework
  • UML
  • Gang of Four Design Patterns
  • Object Oriented Principles
  • ASP .NET
  • Testing Methodologies
  • Project: Build Full . Net Web Applications
  • Portfolio Project 1: Create custom .Net Web Application
  • Portfolio project 2: Author blog on related topic
  • Portfolio project 3: Create Tutorial on related topic

  • MongoDB
  • Node
  • Express
  • Angular Basics
  • Angular
  • MEAN Fundamentals
  • Mongoose
  • Testing Methodologies
  • Project: Build Full MEAN Web Applications
  • Portfolio Project 1: Build custom MEAN Applications
  • Portfolio project 2: Author blog on related topic
  • Portfolio project 3: Create Tutorial on related topic
WEEKS XIII & XIV - Computer Science

  • Math for Programmers
  • Intro to Algorithms
  • Algorithms Pt 1
  • Algorithms Pt 2
  • Data Structures Pt 1
  • Data Structures Pt 2
  • Portfolio project 1: Author blog on related topic
  • Portfolio project 2: Create Tutorial on related topic
WEEK XV - Job Assistance

  • Scrum
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Stack Over Flow
  • Interviewing Techniques for Developers
  • The Technical Resume
  • Meetups
  • Portfolio project: Assemble all portfolio work & resume




Limited $299 credit to apply to your Pluralsight membership.
VALUE – $299


Instant Access to the Closed-Door Full Stack Lab Facebook Group where you’ll gain unlimited insight, inspiration and feedback on your work from a friendly and approachable group of likeminded developers.
VALUE – $997


Option to sign up for accountability partners to connect with on a scheduled basis for support/statuses that will keep you on track to achieve goals for all parties in the accountability group.
VALUE – $399

WHEN you add JUST all the bonuses up, it’s a total value of $1,695 in BONUSES alone that you won’t pay for!

If you paid for the above bonus features, your total investment for the Full Stack Lab w/ Pluralsight’s annual cost would be $3,494 (FSL $1500 + Bonuses $1,695 + Pluralsight $299) which is STILL lower than other boot camps!

DON’T let the lower price fool you to think you get less than the expensive boot camps. Because we leverage instructor courses from Pluralsight to build part of our curriculum and projects, we don’t have high costs to pay rent for buildings other schools have.

AND many of our course instructors are published with books out from WROX, SAMS, MICROSOFT etc… In short, they’re as good as they come!

The Average Cost of Immersive
Development Bootcamps is:
$8,000 – $12,000

But you can get everything you need, much cheaper, if you…

Only $1500

(Required Pluralsight membership sold separately)


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$105k avg. salary

plus we have a
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In an effort to quickly grow our community, we’re giving $300 bonus for every referral you make that signs up at our special rate listed above.

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A little birdy told me you had questions…

What about other stacks like iOS, Ruby/Rails, LAMP, PYTHON etc. Will mean & .NET be your only stacks?

We will be gradually adding more stack to the curriculum but wanted to start with two very popular ones.  The cost of the program will rise but those who sign up now will benefit greatly as they will not have any future costs.

But I like in person classes.

In person classes can be good but the reality is, in the real world, you’ll need to learn how to troubleshoot without having someone be right next to you by using online resources.  That’s what this program is all about, PLUS you will have our Facebook community to get help, as well as help others and network.  Also, I’ll be available during offices hours for when you’re stuck too.  You’ll never be left alone.

Will I be on a deadline to finish?

Our curriculum is a suggested timeline, but you’re able to go at your own pace. There will be benefits to completing, so you don’t want to limit yourself too much.

Is this a fulltime or part time endeavor?

The 15-week timeline assumes full time, but you’re able to create your own schedule.

Is there a refund policy?

No.  All sales are final.

Do I need to be in the boot camp to get the $300 for referrals?

You do not need to be in the boot camp to participate in the referral program.



Need help ordering?
Or do you have any questions?

I can’t wait to take you step-by-step to becoming the best developer you can be while building your brand and following!


Meanwhile, check out my free mastermind discussing the 7 steps to becoming a full stack developer which will shed more light on the goals of this program.