My Story – Part 1

Getting Fired Up

I’m as diverse as they come. So it took me a while to figure out how I want to tailor the topics of my blogs but then realized, forget that. This is my blog and the topics can be as diverse as I want. Technology/music/comedy whatever. I’ll generally try to tie it in to technology but sometimes I might not. For now, this first one… I’d like to tell you who I am. Everyone has a story. This is mine. It’s a two parter so stay with me.

I was born in Brooklyn, lived there till 10ish, then lived and went to school in N. Miami Jr/Sr High thru Miami Dade Community college (MDCC). I wasn’t the best as a student early on but later kicked ass when I realized GPA scores started over in college. Felt like a new beginning! My parents struggled getting work I didn’t want to experience that so I studied my ass of & later applied to Northwestern University (NU) w/ a 4.0 GPA. My S.A.T scores sucked but I wrote a passionate essay explaining that they’re biased against turn-around students like me. Kids that were studious & well read did well on standardized tests. That wasn’t me. I was new at actually studying. When apply to NU, I had to have an interview on some fancy high school campus. Kinda like from that show 90210. Made me realize how crappy my high school was. Did well in the interview (was a natural interviewing if I could say so myself) & got accepted at NU. It’s a pretty good school & I’m proud of that.

Now, why the hell did I go back that far to start my story? I wanted to put emphasis on my education. I wasn’t a great student at first but later did well through discipline. Things didn’t come quickly to me with complicated subjects. At NU, some students hardly studied, took tests drunk and got an “A”. I envied them.  Professors there made the easiest topics hard. I was like WTF! At MDCC, seemed they cared more about student actually learning and didn’t make things unnecessarily hard. Still, I had to study a lot but did well there. Perfect GPA & joined some honor’s society. That’s what I had while applying to other schools to transfer. But at NU, I studied a lot and did so-so. Must admit, part of me started slacking off but still, F the professors making shit hard just to carry some badge of honor. I hated that. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved NU & would go there again.

I didn’t study computer science in school. I got a BA at Miami Dade College & a BS in communications at Northwestern.  Truth is, I didn’t know what career I wanted. I always liked computers but never considered it at the time so I took a job as a media buyer/planner at some fancy advertising firm – Leo Burnett. I interviewed with 7 or 8 people all day & got the job. Again, I was a good at interviewing. But I sucked at that job. My boss was horrible to me, didn’t speak to me unless she HAD to & never ever smiled around me but did around others so I know she was capable & not handicapped in the face. Anyway, I got fired and thought what now? How could this be? I went to Northwestern but now I’m unemployed? WTF? This was my 21 year old mind at work.

To Be Continued…