Always Be Learning

Don’t Let your company put you in a bubble.

I once got laid off with a company in bankruptcy – The Tribune Company. I loved the people there but what I realized my mistake was that I let love transform into comfort. I got too comfortable. I just did the work they wanted me to and never kept up w/ all the latest technology trends.

When it was time for me to start interviewing, it became clear how far I was behind. And believe me, we worked on some good stacks at Tribune but there was still a lot we didn’t touch. I was in a bubble.

I played catch-up by signing up w/ Pluralsight & going through tons of courses, coding – not just watching. I slowly became fond of some the really good authors & even started communicating w/ them. This experience is what led me to want to become one of them.

I took a year doing just that. Had I always kept learning outside of work, I wouldn’t have had to do that.

On, I want to facilitate this process for software engineers that want to avoid the bubble. That is, for those individuals who “get” the importance of keeping up with the latest, but might feel slightly overwhelmed on how to go about it or where to focus.

As a developer, you must always be learning and so the sooner you can discover how you can make the process fun for you, the sooner you’ll escape the bubble.

Tell me, how do you keep from being in a bubble? Or are you stuck in one now?