Who is Reynald?


Hi Everyone! I’m Reynald Adolphe.

I’ve been a software engineer for over 12 year and it’s been really good to me. I also have many other major interest like stand-up comedy, writing / producing sketches and as of late, creating online courses for Lynda.com & PackT.

I kind of like to think of myself a Renaissance dude. Renaissance Reynald – has a ring to it, ya think?

As a consultant/programmer/web developer/software engineer (can you think of any other names for same thing?), I’ve learned a hell of a lot from so many smart / wonderful people and plenty of jerks/Mofo’s/scrubs/a**holes (insert your favorite word here for the bad colleagues). I’ll circle back on this later.

Good or bad, I appreciated them all because as result. I’ve grown immensely in many ways.

I’ve always LOVED talking / teaching newcomers and seasoned developers about technology.  And that’s the reason I became an author producing online courses and now, a career coach for software engineers.  

My Projects

Lynda_BlackC# 6.0 First Look

This was my first course for Lynda.com. Check it out here on Lynda before version seven comes out.

C# Test Driven Development

This course is also currently available on Lynda.com at this link.

Design Patterns in .Net

Due to be released in a few months. Currently in post-production @ Lynda.com.

Courses on the horizon – AngularJS for .Net, Entity Framework & Programming .Net for Beginners

FullStack Coder’s Lab

Coming soon! I’m super excited about this effort. This will be a 12 week program with a learning track that’s for anyone that wants to learn coding. Stay tuned…